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 +===== Message icons =====
 +Following is explanation of what various message icons mean.\\
 +Note: various combination of icons may appear on same message.
 +^ Icon ^ Meaning ^
 +|{{:profimail:msg_unread.png?nolink|}}| Unread message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_read.png?nolink|}}| Read message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_replied.png?nolink|}}| Replied message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_forwarded.png?nolink|}}| Forwarded message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_attachment.png?nolink|}}| Message with attachment(s) |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_draft.png?nolink|}}| Draft (composed message not yet sent) |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_encrypted.png?nolink|}}| Encrypted message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_signed.png?nolink|}}| Digitally signed message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_not_dl.png?nolink|}} {{:profimail:msg_read_not_dl.png?nolink|}}| Not yet downloaded message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_recent.png?nolink|}}| Recently arrived message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_sent.png?nolink|}}| Sent message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_starred.png?nolink|}}| Starred message |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_local.png?nolink|}}| Local message (not synchronized with server) |
 +|{{:profimail:msg_deleted.png?nolink|}}| Deleted message |