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 +===== Notification sound =====
 +The notification sound is played when new mail arrives.\\
 +There are more levels where notification sound may be configured:
 +   * Device's default notification sound set in Android's system settings is primary sound played when no other configuration is made
 +   * This may be overridden in [[.:config|Configuration]] for entire ProfiMail
 +   * Then, [[.:account|Account]] may specify sound played for mail retrieved by that account, this is configured in [[.:activity:edit_account|account preferences]]
 +   * Finally, a [[.:folder|Folder]] may specify sound to play when mail arrives at that folder, this is configured in [[.:folder_options|Folder preferences]]
 +So it is possible to fine-tune notification sound on various levels. Leaving the notification as //default// will use sound notification from upper level, until some non-default sound is found.
 +Valid sound notification setting is also //Silent//, which means that notification sound will not be played.
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