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 +===== ProfiMail privacy policy =====
 +ProfiMail can:
 +  * read/write/delete in device's internal or external memory
 +  * send or receive data over Internet (to provide its intended function to retrieve and send email)
 +  * and provide all the functions as described on [[|ProfiMail website]]
 +ProfiMail does not collect user's private information, such as Google username, accounts, etc, except of for the functionality provided by application.
 +==== Login information to mail servers ====
 +Since ProfiMail allows connecting to various mail servers, the app let user to enter login details (username and password).\\
 +Such data are stored locally on device in its private configuration file (not accessible by other apps) in encrypted form. The login data are used by mail protocol to communicate with user's mail server. Sensitive user's data are not transmitted anywhere else.\\
 +It is highly recommended to use only SSL-protected mail servers, so that username and password are transmitted in encrypted way.
 +==== Crash reports ====
 +When ProfiMail crashes, it allows user to sent crash report, which is valuable tool for developer to fix problems in future versions of the app.
 +Sending crash report is optional, it can be confirmed by user. Crash reports contain basic information about reason of crash, and some identification data, such as user's email (determined from primary Google account), app version, android version, etc.
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