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 +===== Rich text =====
 +ProfiMail allows to compose email messages in rich text format, which allows to change text characteristics:
 +  * text color
 +  * font size
 +  * font style: bold, italic, underline
 +  * hyperlinks to web content
 +  * embedded images
 +Rich text editor is available in [[.:activity:composer|message composer]] as well as in [[.:activity:signature_editor|signature editor]].
 +Technically, rich text is converted from/to HTML format when stored in email message. If there are embedded images, the message is also using multi-part [[wp>MIME|mime]] format for keeping both text and images.
 +==== Plain text ====
 +In rare cases, it may be needed that ProfiMail doesn't use rich text format, and sends message as plain text ((for example if sending message to a newsgroup)).
 +For such cases, the message composer offers option //Use plain text//, and all possible formatting will be removed prior to sending message ((also from signature, if it is written in rich text)).
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