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 +===== Searching messages =====
 +Messages may be searched in [[.:activity:message_list|Message list]], and as you type, results are immediately shown filtered in the same list.
 +Searching is started by clicking Search button at top command bar.
 +During search, another command bar appear, allowing to specify search area:
 +  * **Subject** - searching in message subjects
 +  * **Addresses** - searching in To/Cc email addresses and names
 +  * **Message text** - searching in message bodies ((for this to work, message body must be downloaded on device))
 +Any combination of these areas is possible.
 +==== Search scope ====
 +All messages that are source for active Message list are searched. See [[.:activity:message_list|Message list]] for details what sources of messages may be shown in the list.
 +==== Letter case and diacritic marks ====
 +  - Upper/lower letter case is ignored when searching text.
 +  - All [[wp>Diacritic|diacritic]] marks are ignored during text search. So you can type just letters from base alphabet, and all letters with various diacritic marks will match the search.
 +Example: type "zwo" to match string "Zwölf" in searched fields.
 +==== Search algorithm ====
 +ProfiMail searches all typed words (separated by spaces), while last typed word is searched in wild-card manner, that is characters to end of found words are ignored ((This allows to perform search as you type)). Searching for text inside of words is not possible.\\
 +The order or adjacency of words typed in search bar is not relevant. Searching finds all messages where selected search area (subject/addresses/text) contain all typed words.
 +See also [[.:op:global_search|Global search]].
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