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 +===== Signatures =====
 +Signatures are small fragments of message, which may represent user's signature.
 +A list of various signatures may be defined.
 +Each signature has a short //Name//, which is used in menus, and //body//, which is text actually inserted into composed message.
 +Signature body may be in [[.:rich_text|rich text]] and contain images.
 +==== Editing signatures ====
 +Signatures are edited in the [[.:activity:signature_editor|Signature editor]]. The editor may be started either from [[.:activity:account_list|Account list]], or from message composer.
 +==== Default signature ====
 +A signature may be associated with account. Then it is automatically inserted when [[.:activity:composer|composing]] messages from the account.
 +Default signature is selectable either from Signature editor, or when [[.:activity:edit_account|editing account preferences]].
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