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 +===== Smileys =====
 +ProfiMail allows to insert smileys in [[.:activity:composer|message composer]] thanks to [[.:rich_text|rich text editor]].
 +==== Custom smiley pack ====
 +There's predefined pack of smileys included. However, it is possible to use add-on smiley pack.
 +The folder where smiley packs may be stored on device is:
 +    /sdcard/Android/com.lonelycatgames.PM/smileys/
 +You can store your own created or downloaded smileys pack there.
 +==== Example smiley pack ====
 +You can get example add-on smiley pack [[|HERE]] (Yahoo! mail smileys). Download it, save on device to location mentioned above (copy entire Zip, do not extract from it), and ProfiMail will use it.
 +==== Smiley pack structure ====
 +If you want to experiment and create your own smiley pack, here is structure of it.\\
 +It is a ZIP file, with text file //smileys.txt// inside, and associated image files in PNG or GIF format.
 +The smileys.txt has one smiley defined per line, with smiley's text code - such as :‐) followed by space, and followed by file name of image (stored in the ZIP) representing the smiley.
 +:) happy.gif\\
 +:( sad.gif
 +Best is to download example smiley pack mentioned above, and look inside how it is done.
 +//Note: in case of animated GIF images, these are not animated in menu and in message composer, but they are animated in mail that you send.//
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